Every fall the Calgary Artcity festival attracts participants from around the world to a celebration of cutting edge contemporary visual arts, architecture and design with events ranging from traditional panel discussions to unusual interactive experiences. Artcity produces an extensive amount of interpretive content as well, with lectures, podcasts, and educational tours dispersed throughout the exhibition schedule.

All Artcity events are open to the public with free admission.

The 17th annual Artcity Festival will take place September 5th until the 14th 2008. The theme is “THAT”S IT”. Our first ever catalogue-publication will hit the streets this September. Artcity will unveil a collaborative "exhibition in an envelope", the Petite Enveloppe Urbaine, as part of our Education and Outreach program at the annual video screening on September 10th at the Uptown Stage and Screen. There is something exciting programmed for each of the 10 festival days in the daytime and evening, so everyone can experience the Artcity festival.

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