The Calgary Highland Games took place at Shouldice Park on September the 3rd, 2005. Gates opened at 7:30am and the first events began at 8:00am with a Piping competition. Events continued until the closing ceremonies at 5:00pm. All the normal competitions, such as Highland Dancing, Piping, Drumming, and the Heavy Events, were represented as well as a special "Scotland v England" fitba match and a few other events not normally seen at Highland Games.

Entrance fees were as follows

  • Adults -- $8.00
  • Children (6-12), Seniors -- $5.00
  • Younger children, Competitors -- Free
  • Family Pass -- $20.00

As well as the competitions, there was other entertainment provided throughout the day including Sheepdog Trials, exhibitions by the Anachronism society, children's games, and so forth.

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