The Mountain View Bowlerama - often refered to as "The MVB" - is a bowling center located in the Glamorgan area of Calgary. It is in the basement of a mall located on the southwest corner of 37 St SW and Richmond Road.

Mountain View is one of two centers in Calgary to offer both five and ten pin bowling. Except for the Schmid pinsetters on the five-pin side, the facility is Brunswick equipped. It became the first synthetic lane installation in the city when they updated to Brunswick Armor Plate lanes. The bowling center today is now state of the art with the new Vector system. This was the first five pin center to employ the Vector system, however the graphics are the same as the Frameworx system.

The bowling centre layout is an L shape with five pin pointing one direction and tenpin in the other direction. The hub features the control desk and a restaurant service reminiescent of retro diners. The menu uses "five pin size" and "ten pin size" as an alternative to large and small food orders. Mountain View is one of only two bowling centers in Calgary that serve Coca Cola products.


  • Access Level: Basement
  • Lanes: Five-pin - 10; Tenpin - 10
  • Lane surface: Brunswick Pro Anvilane - no range finders
  • Pinsetters: String - Schmid SW-1 (five-pin); Brunswick A-2 (10-pin).
  • Automatic Scoring: Brunswick Vector.
  • Restaurant Capabilities: Full grill with retro diner.
  • Other Amenities: Digital jukebox.
  • Parking: This is part of a shopping complex with plenty of parking.
  • Transit: Several bus routes including 13, 72, 73, and 108 serve this area.

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