Randall00 is the primary username registered to Randall Jeffrey Morrison, a resident of Calgary who has contributed to the city's internet community in a variety of ways. This wiki contains a summary of his internet profile to be used as an external reference.

Et cetera Edit

The name "Et cetera" was originally given to an ancient web log (or "blog" before the term existed) hosted by Angelfire in the late nineties. The page underwent a serious overhaul and was eventually moved to its own domain name at

Et cetera

Et cetera (original)

Social Networking Websites Edit




Music Edit (w/Satanzilla)

SicPuppy Records

Pro Impact Players Edit


SmashWiki Randall00

Luigi SmashWiki

SmashWiki Pro Impact Players

Videos Edit

YouTube (PIP channel)

ProImpact Vidilife

FileFront ProImpact

Videos Edit



Message Board Communities Edit

Cyber Tech Help


WoW Guru



Double Jump Universe

Wiki Work Edit

Wikipedia User talk

Randall00 Calgary Wikia (this page)

Miscellaneous Edit

Pi Club Member


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