It's hard to find a great home-made burger these days. But Calgary has at least one and the contender for the burger which sets the standard for everyone else is Rocky's Burger Bus. Not really a restaurant, Rocky's is an old bus parked in an industrial park in the southeast of Calgary. Although there’s no indoor dining space, there are a few picnic tables, which fill up fast during the lunch hour.

You step up to the window nearest the front of the bus to place your order. I recommend getting a cheeseburger and French fries. This is not 'fast' food. Each hamburger is a thick, hand-made patty. They're cooked well done, with crunchy crust on the outside - perfect! Fries are the real fresh cut variety. When the lunch rush starts, you could be waiting a little while for your food. But it's worth it.

1120 46Ave SE, Calgary AB

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