SilverWing Links is a 27-hole public golf course located northeast of the intersection of Barlow Trail and McKnight Boulevard. Access to this course is via Barlow Trail. The course can easily be seen from the interchange at McKnight Boulevard and Metis Trail.

The course is located where a previous golf project had failed. The original project was named "Sun Fisher", but was shelved shortly after construction started.

The course has three nines, named as Mayfly, Firefly, and Dragonfly (which is the basis for the course's logo). The course opened in early July 2008 as an 18-hole course using the Mayfly and Firefly nines. The Dragonfly nine is the longest of the three nines and opened in 2009.

This course offers five tees per hole, with a top distance of 7100 yards from the tips.

The environment at Silver Wing is aviation-oriented. The course is near Calgary International Airport. The clubhouse is decorated with vintage plane advertisements and tags. The restaurant has an "arrivals" sign at the order till and a "departures" sign at the pick-up counter. There's a similar setup in the pro shop where green fees are dubbed as "boarding passes". The course uses wind socks instead of traditional flags on the flagsticks.

This is the second golf course opening for the Windmill Golf Group after their debut at Boulder Creek last season.

Windmill hosted a clinic by Johnny Miller at Silverwing in June 2008, about three weeks before the course opened. Miller and Stephen Ames were to be involved in the development of Windmill's third golf course. However the new course is being designed by Phil Mickelson and will be called Mickelson National. It will be a private club in the Springbank area.

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