Southern Calgary (So-Cal)

This article is about specific communities located in the south of Calgary in the province of Alberta,Canada collectively known as Southern Calgary (So-Cal). It does not cover all communities from the quadrants Southwest and Southeast of Calgary.


Southern Calgary or So-Cal is the southern part of the City of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Though Calgary is officially demarcated into four quadrants Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest and consists of 184 communities, So-Cal is composed of six young and thriving communities namely Auburn Bay, Chaparral, Cranston, Mahogany, Silverado and Walden. The area is located south of the Marquis of Lorne Trail and bordered by the Spruce Meadows Trail to the north, Deerfoot Trail to the southeast, and the Macleod Trail in the southwest.

So-Cal, being young, is undergoing development in terms of infrastructure which consists of various housing, road, and transit projects.


Based on the 2009 City of Calgary's Civic Census, So-Cal's population was 25,774, which is a measly 2.42 percent of the city's total population of 1,065,455 persons. However, Silverado was among the only two communities in Calgary which grew by more than 100%. Auburn Bay and Cranston were also among the top 10 high growth communities in the 2008-2009 Census. All these communities had population increase of more than 1,000 persons.

Southern Calgary (So-Cal) Population by Community: 2008 and 2009

Community 2009 2008 % Increase/
Auburn Bay 3,466 2,324 49.14
Chaparral 10,537 9,651 9.18
Cranston 9,140 7,878 16.02
Mahogany 11 na na
Silverado 2,620 1,308 100.31
Walden na na na
Total 25,774 21,161 29.11



Of the almost ten thousand dwellings built in So-Cal, 62.07% are occupied. Of these, majority (83.86%) are single family houses followed by duplexes (6.28%), town houses (5.27%), apartments (4.38%) and others (0.21%).

Southern Calgary (So-Cal) Number of Dwellings and Occupancy Rate by Community: 2008 and 2009

Community Single
Duplex Apartment Town House Others Total No. of Dwellings Total No. of Occupied Dwellings Occupancy Rate
Auburn Bay 1,213 8 0 76 1 1,298 1,150 88.60
Chaparral 2,771 242 193 260 0 3,466 3,273 94.43
Cranston 2,920 198 220 99 15 3,452 3,288 95.25
Mahogany 42 2 0 0 2 46 4 8.70
Silverado 930 120 0 62 1 1,113 928 83.38
Walden 27 22 0 0 0 49 1 2.04
Total 7,903 592 413 497 19 9,424 8,644 62.07



Schools in So-Cal, like the rest of Calgary communities, generally fall under the Calgary Catholic School District (CSSD) and the Calgary Board of Education (CBE). Designated schools per community are at times similar.


Transportation routes in So-cal include: Route 406 (Auburn Bay), Route 78 (Sundance/Chaparral), Cranston: Route 14 (Bridlewood/Cranston), Route 133 (Cranston Express via Deerfoot Trail and SE BRT Route), and Route 402 (Silverado).


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